Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Moving house

This post should actually be titled "Moving mountains" because that's what it feels like moving into a new home.. For those who don't know, my mum has sold our house and we've gotten a smaller apartment. It has been a gradual decision and change to leave my Sydenham home especially after the passing away of my dad and then my sister getting married. Those events had left mum, Hajra and I alone in a big house and yard and led to my mum deciding to sell and move on. Not to mention the safety factor or shall I say unsafe factor with Sydenham, and in particular my road, becoming prone to crimes in the recent months..

Anyway after months of searching for a suitable home that all three of us highly opinionated individuals approve of, we finally found a quaint apartment on Marriot Road call Hurlingham. The building is fairly small in contrast to it's large and elongated appearance. It boasts a beautiful lawn and garden area, perfect for my mum to spend her summer days.

Our apartment itself is small and cosy and as I like to think, homely. However coming from a big house the change is not going to be easy. But then again, who said change ever is. Major adjustments are gonna have to be made by all three of us. There's now only one bathroom instead of our usual 3 at home. And Hajra and I, who have never shared a room in our life, let alone a bed, are now gonna be sharing. Oh dear. Oh dear indeed..

Mum is having quite a difficult time herself deciding what she should take and what she should give away as there are things all over the house that cannot be taken with. There's literally something in every corner of the house that we just don't know what to do with! Luckily getting rid of major furniture like the couches wasn't much of a hassle as it got sold quick.. But even still.. This is a tedious task.

Moving house is not an easy experience especially when you're downsizing. Apparently we should be moved in by tomorrow evening. I don't actually see that happening considering I haven't even packed as yet. Oh well.. I'll be sure to keep you posted on the move and relate to you all the funny, frustrating and fun moments that my madhatter family is sure to encounter.. This is going to be a far from dull experience...