Thursday, 16 January 2014

All Hail 2014

Yes I can most certainly believe that it is 2014 already. How? Because the days are long, the nights are far too short, and no matter how loose or thin your clothing is it still sticks to you like gum under your shoe. And that's all fine by me. More than fine because I simply adore Summer. But what is bugging me about this year is that I can already feeling it owning me instead of me owning it.

Work has taken the sharpest curve up the steepest road this year. Now I love my job because I love architecture, but what do you do when the one thing you love the most is slowly turning into a nightmare. There are options of course, there always are. The problem is choosing is the right one.
I never quit and I don't know how to lose. For me that narrows my options down drastically. Basically, I stay, I fight and I conquer. That is my only option..

So that is how 2014 has started off for me. As a battle ( a winning one hopefully). Funny how life is always waiting to stir things up for you as if there you are sipping on your chaise lounger, saying "everything is so good right now" and then life, with this annoying smirk, comes along and says "lol oh now hold on a sec"... Well I suppose all I can say is, challenge accepted.

This year is already one up on me and I have major plans on changing that but in the mean time, best I be giving credit where it's due: All hail 2014...... for now*