Saturday, 28 September 2013

Heart to heart

Ok so I'm breaking a personal record and blogging two posts in one morning. That means there's little cheerleaders dancing in my head cheering "woohoo go Kathija!!".. This post was also conjured up yesterday but has been influenced by friends, family and experiences from the past weeks. As the title suggests, this is going to be a long but real and hearty post. Issues and thoughts that I feel need to be opinionated. So here goes..

Recently I have been introduced to blogs come short stories about peoples's experiences in life and love. From Muhammed Ismail's "To find a bride" and Tasneem Basha's "To find a groom" I have been inspired to do a post of my own. Whilst the thought of creating a 130 piece long post is quite tempting, I do have a full time job and architecture kind of has a possessive personality. So I use this cold grey Saturday morning to think out loud.

After reading the said blogs I think about how lucky those two individuals are to find love and each other in such an exciting way. And here I am faced with the dillema of either surrending to the "samoosa run" where my family picks out a nice guy for me and I'll be subjected to the awkward meeting of this stranger Or do I set on on a quest to find my soul mate. Both the latter and former are daunting tasks so what happens then. For those women who are just unlucky in love what do they do? Should they tweak their morals and ethics to please a man's needs with the hope that he'd want more and possibly form a meaningful relationship or should they stick to their good old "friends" with the hope that she will be seen as more than just that? It's just not fair. The journey of finding ones own mate isn't easy for everybody. How do we know if the guy is serious or just playing around? How do we know what he's really after? And trying to find someone with the hope that it will be an exciting tale to your kids one day seems so far fetched. I mean most of the males I know are either from school or campus. The closest I can come to a "how i met your mother " kind of scenario is with a close friend of mine who we both met by accident and coincidence twice and then went on to what we call now as "good friends"..

Really there surely is an easier way. Do us good and homely girls settle for our families choice in partners? What if their choice is your destined mate that will reap in years of happiness and beautiful children? That's always a possibility.. Or do we fall for the wrong men who just don't feel that way about us, get hurt, repeat the process, until we meet "the one"..

There are people who change their promiscuos ways, heck, who even change their religion for their partner but then there are those who wont even want to hold up a conversation with you unless its about sex..

These are just some of my thoughts. Quite profound for being conjured up in a shower. They aren't facts or solutions. Merely my opinion that millions of women face around the world regardless of colour, creed or religion. And while some women are lucky enough to have found their fairytale , this is real.

I sincerely hope that we all find what we looking for. For those who are too proud, jump off your high horse before you pass the stop. For those who are too scared, take the chance and surprise yourself. For those who have been hurt, not everyone is the same, give another the chance..

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Spring has Sprung!

Although things aren't the same today as when I conjured up this post in my head yesterday, I shall go ahead and blog it anyway..
From my oh so cliche title my excitement is quite evident. Yesterday was a dreamy hot Summer's haze. The thick hot air of Durban made it's brief appearance. Now I'm no lover of one night stands so my frustration and sadness that today is a rather grey and dreary day is really alarming. Amazing isn't it, that how weather can have such great effects on ones mood and bring nostalgic memories to mind.. Or this could just be my inner December baby spirit talking..

That being said, I cannot wait for December. And even though we're a whole two months away I cant help feeling the build up of my ecitement like a child standing in line for the boat ride...

I wish you all a beautiful Spring.