Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Happy Post :)

Keep smiling for smiling is an act of charity...
Be happy, you owe it to yourself :)

Courtesy of Google Images <3

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Guess who's getting hitched??!!

Excitement galore! That should sum it up. Yep, the time has come for my crazy  sister Hajra to get married. To make some sense of it all let me tell you how it all went down...
Hajra is as crazy as wild as I am so I couldn't even begin to imagine her with someone. She's moody, hot tempered and loud as hell. So when she said she's bringing a guy home for us to meet it was shocking yet exciting. After meeting "the victim" (as I would affectionately like to think of him :p) late last year, fast forward to January this year when he comes home with his family. The supposedly meet and greet turned into a full blown affair resulting in an engagement. Just like that! And it was decided that 6 months later, in June, they were to be married. Talk about not beating around the bush. 

So as you can imagine in my mad household things are buzzing. Fights, tears, excitement and plenty of laughs, and it's only February! But time is of the essence. A wedding of such short notice needs careful and intricate planning which leaves very little room for mistakes and hiccups. I naturally have taken on the roll of "Event co-ordinater" leaving my creative juices to flow all over the place. Unfortunately time doesn't permit us to go through hundreds of themes and designs so I have already shortlisted a few options for the bride. I have become so involved in this planning that it almost feels like it's my own wedding!

Nevertheless, this is wonderful news and Hajra deserves the most beautiful wedding ever. With 4 months to go, plus the excitement of me buying  a new car (more on that next time), I, as everyone else in my family, are on a natural high. We have so much to look forward to this year and I can tell that there's so much more great things to come...