Wednesday, 29 May 2013

a well deserved Break!

As if working last Saturday wasn't enough, this past Monday saw me racing against time to finalise drawings and presentations for the latest client. It was madness! Nevertheless, the presentation went great and the client loved the concept and a grateful feeling of success and relief came over me. I took it in and basked in all it's glory. Having not eaten that entire day I was ecstatic to come home to mummy's chops and veg bake. I dreaded the long week ahead as I comforted myself with chocolate..and then the best news I had all day came my way. My boss called to thank me for my work and decided to reward me with a day off. I did not see that coming but was grateful for the early week break. It felt so0o0o go0od to not wake up at the crack of dawn and to just pretend for one day that I didn't bear any responsibility. Now I'm midway through with the weekend and pay day! to look forward to. I feel fresh and fabulous, already taking on all that I can and more.. I think that was a definitely much needed and well deserved break!