Saturday, 28 September 2013

Spring has Sprung!

Although things aren't the same today as when I conjured up this post in my head yesterday, I shall go ahead and blog it anyway..
From my oh so cliche title my excitement is quite evident. Yesterday was a dreamy hot Summer's haze. The thick hot air of Durban made it's brief appearance. Now I'm no lover of one night stands so my frustration and sadness that today is a rather grey and dreary day is really alarming. Amazing isn't it, that how weather can have such great effects on ones mood and bring nostalgic memories to mind.. Or this could just be my inner December baby spirit talking..

That being said, I cannot wait for December. And even though we're a whole two months away I cant help feeling the build up of my ecitement like a child standing in line for the boat ride...

I wish you all a beautiful Spring.