Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Deep breath in, and out...

Wednesday 9th July 2014. It's been exactly 5 months 3 days since my last post. In theory it sounds like a really long time but boy has it sprinted past. My plan was to blog every chance I get to keep you updated but I failed miserably. Bottom line is, there was way too much happening too fast. The past months have been extremely overwhelming. From the new house, to Hajra's wedding and now the month of Ramadaan has come knocking on our door.
I guess all I can say  is that it's been a whirlwind of a year thus fur and I have come out smiling. The new house is snazzy, the wedding was breathtakingly beautiful (midst all the drama, tears and laughter!) and Ramdaan is now the cherry on the top bringing a sense of calm and peace to all the chaos.

I will be sure to blog more actively now that the dust has settled..

Ramadaan Mubarak to all the Muslims. May it be a spiritually uplifting and enlightening one. Go easy on the samoosas and haleem LOL and may you all be blessed...


Ramadaan - 9th month of Islamic calender in which Muslims worldwide observe total and complete abstinence from food, water and worldly desires.

Samoosas - indian savoury made with a pur with various fillings usually in a triangular shape.

Haleem - indian dish similar to soup consumed with bread and/or naan.