Thursday, 22 August 2013


If you do not let go it will consume you
Being this person untamed by senses is not an eternal character
For it will soon fade and perish like the memory of yourself to those whom have hurt you
What do you think you will accomplish from it
Fickle beings will ruin you for it is only in stability that you will find true pleasure
Your reward awaits you lest you keep avoiding it
The more you fool yourself into believing this will work, the more it will cajole you
Why can’t you see what is good like the dew on Spring’s children so pure and loved by all
Is the laughter of the devil’s hail so enticing that you see not past the storm
Or do you find comfort in the dwelling of frivolous mischief that will never last longer than a moment
If friends were God you would surely be among the losers
But hope still lurks around the corner
For you are loved more than hate itself
And it will be through this love that you will eventually learn comfort, peace and true happiness
Ambivalence will not prevail

Ode to the light that will shine on you