Monday, 3 June 2013

Awesome Aunt!

I have been an aunt since the age of 6! With my brother's first daughter in 1998 and then his second daughter one year later. My eldest sister soon followed the trend adding three more girls to the family. I am now a very proud and very young aunt to 5 nieces and 2 nephews. My brother's girls are often mistaken as my siblings as the age gap is very small. I practically was a baby myself while changing their diapers! I literally grew up with my nieces and nephews, teaching them and at times learning from them. Today, they rarely refer to me as their aunt, but more as their friend, because that's what we have become. I am also proud to say that they turned out to be pretty cool kids. I've had a great time in helping to rear them and made absolutely awesome memories. So I think it's pretty safe to say I've done a good job with them and that I'm not so stressed about having my own kids some day. (if 15years of experience isn't enough then I don't what is!).. Oh oh, and by the way, they are all pretty awesome...;)